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Context-dependent therapies

At Good Therapeutics we are developing protein-based drugs with regulated, context-dependent activity. Our new drugs can “sense” their local environment and respond by changing from an inactive form to an active one. Unlike protease-activated therapeutics, the mechanism is reversible. The active form of the drug can change back to the inactive form when it is no longer in the presence of the activating signal. Our technology is based on allosteric control of protein activity – a type of regulation that is widely found in nature but has yet to be applied to therapeutics.

Our strategy is to focus first on powerful, well understood cytokines that are effective against cancer but are extremely toxic when they are active systemically. Context-dependent cytokine activity will improve efficacy while reducing systemic toxicity.

In response to a specific interaction with its immediate surroundings, a context-dependent drug undergoes a change that switches on its activity. When the interaction ends, the change is reversed and the drugs activity switches off.

Cytokines in context

We are developing context-dependent cytokine drugs that will bolster the anti-tumor immune response. Our lead programs include an IL-2-based therapeutic that will act on tumor-specific T-cells and an IFN-α-based therapeutic that will act in the immunosuppressive tumor environment. Additional programs include cytokines controlled by extracellular ATP, and a TGF-β blocker regulated by binding to cancer-associated fibroblasts.

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Good Therapeutics is led by a team with deep expertise in biotechnology innovation.

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Good Therapeutics is seeking scientists with experience in cancer immunology, protein engineering, molecular biology, protein sciences, or assay development to join us in our quest for safer and more effective therapeutics.