Systemic Delivery,
Local Activity

Context-dependent therapies

At Good Therapeutics, we are creating a new class of therapeutics -- the first and only protein therapeutics that actively respond to specific markers. This regulation enables safe delivery of potent biological activity only where it is needed. Our molecules combine a sensor component with a therapeutic component that is active only when the sensor is bound to its target. These sensors can target any molecule that an antibody can bind, including native proteins, modified proteins, and metabolites.

We are initially focused on cancer and specifically on regulated cytokines with context-dependent activity, but our technology has much wider applications. Longer term, we plan to work with partners to develop a broad pipeline of innovative drugs in multiple other indications including metabolic disorders, autoimmune and pain management – all areas where safer and more effective treatments are needed.

Our lead program is a PD-1 regulated molecule that directs IL-2 activity to tumor-specific immune cells without affecting non-target cells, resulting in a therapeutic with improved safety and efficacy.

Regulated, Context-Dependent Drugs

Our therapeutics offer regulated, context-dependent activity – they are able to change from an inactive form to an active one when bound to their target. Unlike protease-activated therapeutics, this mechanism is reversible. The active form of the therapeutic changes back to the inactive form when it is no longer bound. Our technology is based on allosteric control of protein activity – a type of regulation that is widely found in nature but has yet to be applied to therapeutics.

Our initial focus is context-dependent cytokine therapeutics to bolster the anti-tumor immune response. Our lead programs include an IL-2-based therapeutic that will act on tumor-specific T-cells and an IFN-α-based therapeutic that will act in the immunosuppressive tumor environment. Additional programs include cytokines controlled by extracellular ATP, and a TGF-β blocker regulated by binding to cancer-associated fibroblasts.

Our Experienced Team

Good Therapeutics is led by a team with deep expertise in biotechnology innovation.

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Good Therapeutics is seeking scientists with experience in cancer immunology, protein engineering, molecular biology, protein sciences, or assay development to join us in our quest for safer and more effective therapeutics.